Research Services

Market research is the only way you can keep abreast of what your members want, what they think about your organization, and how to best serve their needs.  As the old saying goes, you can't give your customers what they want until you KNOW what they want!

Market research will give you the information you need to answer critical questions such as:

   why do members join my association?
   what are my members looking for?
   what do they think of our products and services?
   how does my organization rate against other groups my members may belong to?
   why do members fail to renew their membership?
   what new products and services are my members looking for?
   what are the "hot trends" in my members' industry/profession?

There are many different ways to conduct market research including:

Written surveys
Web/e-mail surveys
Focus groups
In-depth interviews

Not sure which methodology to use?  Read a primer on selecting research tools in our library, or call us for a no-obligation consultation.

Need help with just a specific portion of your project?  We offer a wide variety of research support services that will give you the extra pair of hands you need to make sure your project is completed on time.

Looking to build actionable marketing strategies from your research? Through our partnership with Maia Marketing, L.L.C., we will help your organization leverage its research investment to create, implement and maintain focus on strategic marketing goals.