Written Surveys

Keeping up-to-date on membership or industry trends is an essential part of maintaining a market-driven organization and staying in-touch with your members' needs and expectations. AWP Research offers a full-range of survey research services to help you collect the statistically-valid data necessary to make informed, proactive decisions.

We view survey research as a critical and integrated part of an association's strategic process — not as a stand-alone project. Typically our research approach entails:

   establishing a research plan -- our senior consultants help create a research plan that addresses your unique time frame, budget and other requirements. Our plans include reviewing past research to explore how new research can complement or extend past efforts;

   developing survey methodologies -- we determine the most appropriate and cost effective survey methodologies that best serve your research goals;

   managing production tasks -- AWP Research can handle all production, mailing, and response collection tasks, ensuring your project remains on-track and within budget. Alternatively, you can provide these services in-house or use a printer/mailhouse that you have already negotiated volume discounts with;

   tabulating, analyzing, and reporting -- our experienced analysts use a variety of statistical techniques depending on research goals and complexity. Our final reports clearly outline project results and implications, avoiding technical or statistical jargon.  We offer several different report formats to make sure we bring your project in on-budget.

Typical survey research applications include:

   product/service satisfaction research;
   member needs assessments;
   new product/service planning;
   employee satisfaction appraisals;
   salary surveys;
   business operation and trend studies;
   "hot issue" research;
   meeting/convention planning and evaluations;
   cancelled member evaluations;
   lobbying support studies;
   environmental scans;
   publication readership studies.

Many of our clients use our survey research services to create products that are sold to the membership.  Projects such as salary surveys, cost of doing business surveys, market reviews and others can not only provide you with insight into your members, they can also provide a non-dues revenue source.  Call or e-mail us and we'll explore ways you can make your survey research pay for itself.

We offer both traditional paper-based surveys as well as Web-based and e-mail surveys.

We also provide research support services to support in-house resources, including research audits, survey design/layout, data entry and presentation materials.