Corporate Qualifications and Background

Founded in 1991, AWP Research is a full-service market research firm that specializes in helping associations and non-profit groups better recognize and act upon their members’ needs and expectations. We use a variety of research techniques to uncover the data you need to make informed strategic decisions. We develop benchmarking systems that permit your organization to continuously scan its internal and external environments and gauge its progress in key performance areas.  We provide services to keep you in touch with what is happening in your industry/profession, and how it is affecting your members.

Our services combine statistical reliability with creative interpretation to ensure the full meaning of the data are uncovered.  Because we realize every client's organization has its own unique characteristics, we tailor our services to fit your needs, expectations, and the environment where they will unfold. Some organizations' key stakeholders, for example, are more comfortable with traditional surveys; others may wish to employ techniques such as behavioral segmentation to build a predictive profile of their members. Although we fully appreciate the importance of challenging key stakeholders to “think outside the box,” we keep our approaches solidly grounded, balanced, and practical.

We stress an interactive project approach. We provide regularly scheduled status reports and updates throughout our programs to ensure you remain in-touch with program goals and results. This approach also provides the flexibility to adjust or modify program parameters in response to potentially changing client needs.

AWP Research bids only experienced consultants with extensive training in areas such as focus group facilitation, strategic planning, needs assessments and general market research. We maintain close control over our projects, handling all program design, research, and analysis in-house.

Anthony Casilio, founder of AWP Research, has more than twenty years experience in research methodologies and statistical analysis. As former director of market research for the National Association of Home Builders, Mr. Casilio implemented ongoing quantitative and qualitative research programs supporting association efforts in membership marketing and retention, educational needs and preferences, conference attendance, legislative lobbying, and industry issue awareness. Prior to AWP Research Mr. Casilio was vice president with EGIS, Inc., a research and consulting firm with offices in Washington, Tokyo, Paris, and Madrid. Mr. Casilio has a Bachelor of Science degree from George Washington University and a Master of Science degree from Yale University.