In-depth Interviews

There are times when you need to collect more detailed information than is possible in a written survey, but don't have the time or funds to implement  focus group sessions. These cases are perfect matches for in-depth interviews. They allow the same two-way communication flow between interviewer and respondent (allowing us to probe for details and "question the answers") as a focus group, but the travel costs, facility fees and other expenses are eliminated.  

Our in-depth interviews are NOT long telephone surveys as other research firms provide. All interviewing is done by a trained focus group moderator who has the expertise and skills necessary to get the most information from your members efficiently and accurately. We also offer audio-taped interviews (with written transcripts) when you need to maintain an accurate record of every interview.

As with all of our research services, we'll work closely with your organization to create the best approach, implement each step carefully and accurately, and provide you with a final report that gives you answers, not just data.

For tips on in-depth interviews (and how they differ from telephone surveys), visit our library.