Research Support Services

Finding the time to do everything necessary to successfully complete a research project can be nearly impossible in these days of tight budgets and limited staff. AWP Research can help you with specific research tasks and support services to make sure your project comes in on-time and on-budget.  Our services include:

   research audits -- our senior consultants will evaluate your survey, offering suggestions and recommendations on design, question wording, sampling criteria, and production methods. Our research audits allow you to test out your survey instrument and research plan to make sure it will meet your project goals before it's too late to make changes.

   facilitated project goal setting sessions -- building consensus on research goals can be difficult under the best of circumstances.  Once you add different departments, committees, and leadership into the mix, it can be almost impossible!  Our facilitated sessions will help you build consensus on what your research goals should be, and the best way to accomplish them. Led by a professionally trained moderator, our facilitated sessions will make sure there is full buy-in to the research project by all key players BEFORE you put the project in motion.

   survey design and layout -- our designers can revamp your survey layouts to ensure complete and accurate data collection. We'll design a form that minimizes respondent errors/omissions, and makes data entry proceed quickly and smoothly.

   data entry and tabulation -- our data entry and tabulation services provide you with fast, accurate tabulations of your existing survey instruments. We can deliver results to suit your requirements, from basic raw data to full analytical reports.

   presentation materials -- AWP Research can structure your research results into ready-to-use presentation materials such as color 35 mm slides and overhead transparencies.