Marketing Services

Everyone wants to make sure the money they are spending on research will result in actionable strategies that will benefit their organization.  Together with Maia Marketing, L.L.C, we offer our clients a complete service package that ensures your research results will not rest on a shelf, but will serve as the foundation for a strategic marketing program that yields tangible results.

Our services include:

   developing Action Items for research reports. These Action Items identify the most significant – and actionable – research findings, and provide in-depth recommendations for specific short-and-long-term actions your organization can undertake based on the research results;

   hosting discussion sessions to explore and build consensus on research findings and actions;

   strategic marketing reviews that culminate in a marketing plan for today's economy, based on member research data, and married to actual organizational marketing activities, budgets, and capabilities. Our plans focus on strategic, actionable, and quantifiable steps that organizations can immediately implement to enhance its marketing efforts, revenues, and return on investment;

   a marketing process review, which examines the processes, activities, and procedures experienced and used by your marketing staff. Our reviews ensure your organization can maximize the effectiveness of its current marketing staff and procedures;

   a market position analysis of analogous/competitive organizations to explore how their pricing, benefits, position, and markets compare to your own.  This type of analysis is an important method for understanding the specific strengths and weaknesses of your market, as well as specific opportunities for your organization to claim market share in terms of product or position.

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