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Focus groups vs. surveys How to choose between using qualitative tools (focus groups) and quantitative tools (surveys)
Sampling Estimating the number of surveys you should mail
In-depth interviews How to position and use in-depth interviews
Informal research How to supplement your "formal" research efforts with low-cost options
Employee research Benefits, tools and tips for conducting research of your staff
Survey response rates Tips on boosting your survey response rates
Focus group costs Tips on minimizing focus group costs while preserving good research practices
Strategic planning Tips on making the most from your strategic planning efforts
Survey accuracy How to measure how accurate your survey data is
Survey tests Ways to test your survey instrument to make sure it produces the results you want and need
Focus group participants How to deal with "problem" participants you may encounter in a focus group
Plan facilitation Ground rules for strategic planning facilitators
Telephone surveys When to use and when to avoid telephone surveys
Salary surveys How to use salary and benefit surveys as a profit center
Conference research Tips for conducting research at your conference/exposition using surveys and focus groups
Survey types Pluses and minuses of Web and e-mail surveys
Research frequency How often should you survey your members?
Research plans How to plan for good research results
Web sampling How to make sure your Web survey reaches the right members
Cutting costs Seven ways to do more with less research dollars
When NOT to research Examples of when market research is not cost-effective
ASAE Presentation Presentation materials from the AWP Research presentation on Maximizing Member Research given at the ASAE Membership Marketing Symposium (March 2001)