Web and E-mail Surveys

The explosion in Internet access has made it possible to collect responses directly from your members using the Internet. Web-based surveys offer several advantages over traditional paper-based surveys including:

   speed -- you don't have to depend on the U.S. Postal service to deliver responses to you. Survey returns can happen around the clock, and you'll have the response in-hand within seconds of the respondent completing the form;

   production cost -- though there are costs involved in Web based and e-mail surveys, they are typically much lower than the cost to print and mail paper surveys.

There are also disadvantages to using Web-based and e-mail surveys. Issues such as sampling, formatting, different e-mail and technology platforms can, if not addressed properly, result in collecting "garbage" data rather than a true statistical picture.

AWP Research is experienced in all facets of survey research, and can help you pick the right tools for your research goals, budget and timeframe. If Web-based surveys are the best match for your needs we can:

   code the survey -- we'll create a fully-functional HTML document that will collect the data you need;

   host the survey -- we can post the survey at our Web site, so all you need to do is provide a link from your site to ours.  Your survey will reside in a special area that is not reachable unless you are directed to it -- your survey will only be filled out by the people you want to fill it out. Alternatively, we can provide you with a self-contained HTML file that you can post on your own Web site if you so desire;

   collect responses -- we structure our surveys so that each response is e-mailed directly to us as soon as the respondent completes the form.  This keeps responses 100% secure - no data whatsoever is stored on the Internet, but rather housed on our in-house computers where we can guarantee the data will be kept safe;

   full range of reports and analyses -- as with our paper-based surveys we offer a full range of reports and analyses to ensure you get the full benefit and value from your research efforts.

Check out our library for tips on web and e-mail surveys.